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Morality and Payment Morality in China

Moral und Zahlungsmoral in China

  • Morality confronts us in our daily life. Sometimes people do not act the way we would have expected it. One of the biggest culture differences can be found between China and Germany. A lot of foreigners try to make business in the more and more economic important becoming country. A lot of them fail, because of not knowing how to act in certain circumstances. Furthermore, some situations are happening which one would not expected. Everyone got influenced by media about China. But is everything true about it? Most of the journalists are from western countries and they decide what is right and what wrong dependent from their origin. We call such a situation ethnocentrism. It means, that one judges dependent on ones ethnical norms one raised up with and that these norms are basis of valuation on other cultures (Schubert, 2011). While I was in China, I experienced a lot moral misunderstandings. I found out that especially foreign companies do have huge problems in that term because they use their - grown up morality- in China which is not working. This paper explains moral inequalities and helps companies to act differently in consideration of a very important topic such as payment morality.
  • Viele Unternehmen wollen am wirtschaftlichen Aufstieg Chinas teilhaben, jedoch sind die wenigsten Firmen auf die kulturellen Unterschiede vorbereitet. Besonders die Moral und die Art und Weise Rechnungen zu Zahlen sind äußerst unterschiedlich. Viele Unternehmer gehen mit ihrer moralischen Einstellung mit der sie aufgewachsen sind nach China und erwarten ähnliche Moral im Bezug auf Zahlungen. Diese Bachelorarbeit klärt kulturelle Unterschiede im Bezug auf Zahlungsmoral und hilft dabei sich den Spielregeln des Landes anzupassen.

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Author:Laura Isabell Uebel
Advisor:Stefan KolevGND, Ralph WrobelGND
Document Type:Bachelor Thesis
StrikoWestofen, 21540 Jiangsu, Taicang
Date of Publication (online):2017/03/31
Year of first Publication:2015
Granting Institution:Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Date of final exam:2015/04/20
Release Date:2017/03/31
Tag:China; culture; moral; outstanding receivables
GND Keyword:moral
Page Number:79 Seiten, 7 Abb., 1 Tab., 38 Lit.
Faculty:Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau / Wirtschaftswissenschaften