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Strömungsmechanische Untersuchung von Kolbenringpaketen mittels CFD-Simulation

  • The increasing impact of Internal combustion engines on the environment have led to some stringent rules over the automotive industry, which have forced them to have a deeper investigation into the components of the engine.Friction, oil consumption and blow-by are the major concern of the automotive industry and all of this happens at the Piston-ring pack assembly. So, through this work using 3D CFD software Star CCM+, the better understanding of the fluid mechanics in the Piston-ring pack is addressed, which could be helpful for the broad range of R&D and can also provide base for the further CFD research. A two-dimensional geometric section of the Piston-ring pack has been selected of the Gasoline engine having the operating condition of full load. The 2D Piston-ring pack has been modelled with the transient condition of Pressure and Temperature over the cycle. Dynamic mesh has been created for the kinematics and dynamics of the Piston and rings. Gas flow and oil flow in the Piston-ring pack was analysed with the dependent parameters like absolute pressure for 3 cycles, which was also compared with available MBS (Multi-body Simulation) results, Mass flow rate. Based on that, the flow pattern of the gas and oil was captured with different transport mechanism i.e. reverse flow, inertia force, squeezing, pumping. Hydrodynamic friction power loss was also studied between ring-liner gap due to shear stress in lubricating oil and the results was compared with MBS results. The resultant axial and radial force acting on the rings was also calculated and compared for all the 3 cycles. This work is the comprehensive investigation of the Piston-ring pack (2D-model) for all the important mechanism could take place in the Piston-ring pack. It constitutes a major step in understanding oil and gas dynamics in the Piston-ring pack.

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Author:Hiteshkumar Hingad
Advisor:Daniel GaudlitzGND, Marcus Ende
Document Type:Master's Thesis
Name:IAV GmbH
Auerstr. 54, 09366 Stollberg
Date of Publication (online):2018/07/06
Year of first Publication:2018
Publishing Institution:Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Date of final exam:2018/07/05
Release Date:2018/07/06
Fluid mechanic; Piston-ring pack
GND Keyword:CFD; Kolbenring; Strömungsmechanik
Page Number:66 Seiten, 55 Abb., 5 Tab., 26 Lit.
Faculty:Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau / Maschinenbau und Kraftfahrzeugtechnik (bis 2018)